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We are Perth’s leading independent specialists in automatic transmissions. In our 15 years of operation, we have developed a reputation within Western Australia for our commitment to providing the highest quality work and unparalleled customer service at the most cost-effective price. 

Automatic transmissions are sophisticated systems that require expert maintenance and care. Ignoring your transmissions general servicing can lead to costly repairs down the road. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, our team of highly trained technicians can service, repair and rebuild your vehicle’s automatic transmission system to get you back in ‘drive’. 

You can rest assured that our experienced staff will make the process simple, thorough, and efficient, providing you with genuine feedback and knowledge about the condition of your car’s transmission. 

No matter the make or model, at Automatic Transmissions R Us, you can trust that we will get you back on the road, fast. For all automatic transmission enquiries, contact the Automatic Transmission R Us team today!



What is the Difference Between an Automatic and Manual Transmissions?

The key difference between these two transmission models is that an automatic transmission does not feature a gear stick or clutch pedal. An automatic transmission will do all the grunt work for you, automatically changing gears fluidly as you push on the gas pedal. However, a manual transmission, or stick-shift, will allow you to physically shift your vehicle into different gears using the gearbox.

What Are Some Common Automatic Transmission Issues?

Regular automatic transmission servicing will help guard your vehicle against expensive breakdowns and repairs. If you leave your automatic transmission unchecked for too long, it can lead to costly issues which can affect the condition of your vehicle, including:

  • Wear and tear of bands in changing gears can result in band breakage and loss of gears.
  • Oil leaks which will result in your transmission burning out and electrical component failure.
  • Oil filter blockage which will lead to the automatic transmission being starved of oil.
  • Radiator malfunctions such as water leaks and poor cooling of the transmission can lead to poor performance and burning out.
  • Contamination of solenoids can cause poor flow of oil through the transmission. 

What Are the Signs You Might Need Your Automatic Transmission Serviced?

At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we have the latest electronic equipment to scan your vehicle and identify problems caused by electric, hydraulic or mechanical faults. Some common signs that you may need your automatic transmission serviced include:

  • Strange noises coming from your car, such as whining or humming.
  • Gear changes are becoming stiff and difficult.
  • Your car slipping or shuttering whilst driving.
  • Burnt, cloudy transmission fluid.
  • A burning odour coming from your transmission.
  • Leaking transmission fluid.

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