How does an automatic transmission work?

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Many modern day vehicles have an automatic transmission. Despite their multitude on our roads, most drivers are completely unaware of how they work. Have you ever stopped to consider how your car shifts gears automatically or why the engine does not die when you come to a stop?Well, if you have, then this blog is for you. And while we don’t promise to give you a deep understanding of this complex system, we pledge to simplify it to point where you have some idea of what’s going on in a t... >  More

What is a differential, and why can ignoring potential diff problems become an expensive mistake?

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What does your car’s differential actually do and how do you know if it’s breaking down? Discover the essential job of the differential and a few ways to spot its impending death. The humble differential is one of those components that few people pay much heed to during regular maintenance of their cars. It’s tucked neatly out of sight, doing its job flawlessly… until it doesn’t.Let’s start at the beginning though; what exactly is a differential? In simple terms, a differential ... >  More

5 ways to determine that it’s time to call the transmission specialists

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A regular transmission service can save you time & money in the long run. A car’s transmission system, whether manual or automatic, is a critical mechanical component. If there are issues, you need to act fast to avoid an expensive repair later on.By recognising that there is a problem, and that you need a transmission repair, you could save yourself a whole lot of money by getting it repaired before more damage is done.There are some obvious signs that there is, or might be, a pr... >  More

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