At Auto Trans R Us, through our 15 years of operation, we have developed a positive reputation within Perth for our ability to consistently resolve differential problems and deliver a high-quality end product at a cost-effective price. 

Due to a high volume of service bookings, our current lead time is approximately 4 weeks.

All service bookings will require the vehicle for a full day from 8 am, no exceptions.


What are Differential Lockers?

Your vehicle's diff locks are highly sophisticated parts of your traction control system. A differential locker is a device that allows the wheels to rotate at the same speed, regardless of the load on each wheel. This is achieved by locking the two axles together.

The Importance of a Traction Control System

Traction control is essential for off-road vehicles while travelling over rough terrain. Without this system, if one of your wheels is in the air while the other works its way over an object, the traction system will detect a spinning wheel and reduce the car's power, preventing you from making your way over the terrain.

These traction control systems can also be used in rear-wheel-drive cars as they can sometimes have trouble getting enough traction to accelerate quickly when launching.

Servicing your Locking Differentials at Auto Trans R Us

The amount of wear and tear your diff lock goes through changes depending on the terrain you pursue while off-roading. We recommend having your diff lock assessed at least every six months along with the rest of your vehicle. 

However, if you regularly four-wheel drive in advanced terrains, we recommend having your diff lock looked over each time before taking your car out. This will help you avoid becoming stranded due to a faulty steering control system.

Why Choose Automatic Transmissions R Us?

Auto Transmissions R Us is Perth's leading specialist in repairing and servicing car differentials

At our workshop located in Balcatta, our team of experienced experts utilise state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify issues with your diff lock, to get you back in 'drive'.

If your car doesn't yet have a differential traction device or needs an upgrade, we can help choose which system is best for you and your vehicle. Our team of transmission specialists will work with you to find the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your vehicle.

We also offer differential servicing, differential repair and differential ratio changes.


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To talk to our Perth based customer service team about differential lockers, contact us by sending an enquiry formemailing, or calling us on (08) 7078 8361. We’ll have you back on the road in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Common Traction Control Issues?

There can be a few different issues with traction control systems. One is that they can sometimes be too sensitive, and they end up slowing down the car even when there's no need. This can cause problems on surfaces covered in snow or ice as it makes it harder for the driver to maintain control of the car.

In some modern traction control systems with an automatic diff locking safety feature, the system's sensors, wiring, or computer can be slow to respond or faulty, causing a wheel slip when an airborne excessively spinning wheel lands.

If you notice any issues with your diff lock or your traction control light is on, it is best to have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

When Should You Use Your Differential Lock?

To avoid wheel spin or losing traction, it's best to know all the right situations to engage your differential lock. Some of the best times to use your diff lock include:

While climbing over terrain with large obstacles: Without a diff lock in this situation, your vehicle will lose traction if the electronic traction control system registers a spinning wheel.

While off-road driving on a straight path in first or second gear: This will create a smoother drive as the wheel speed isn't impacted each time one wheel is lifted off the ground, it will also help give your car more power.

When Should You Disable Your Locking Differential?

It can be very difficult to steer your vehicle while differential lockers are engaged at the wrong time. The best times to ensure your diff locks are disabled include:

When making a turn: With diff lockers engaged, you will require a very large turning circle.

When all wheels are on the ground with weight equally distributed across the front and rear axles: There is no need for extra power or traction control in this situation.

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