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What You Need To Know About The ZF Gearbox Transmission

The transmission system plays an incredibly important role in a car. As we’ve discussed before, all the engine power in the world doesn’t make a difference if it can’t be transferred to the wheels. The ZF 8 speed automatic transmission is one of the best transmission systems on the market. The ZF gearbox has a long history of success in the industry, in both passenger and commercial vehicles. Since the transmission is such a crucial piece of your car’s technology, it’s important to keep it in the best condition possible.

How does ZF work?

Many transmissions focus simply on improving power ratios so that more power gets from the engine to the wheels. This works, and has worked for a long time – and ZF gearboxes are no strangers to incredible power transfer. But with the ZF 8 speed automatic transmission, ZF took a different approach. Rather than the typical practice of increasing the gearbox’s range of operation, ZF focused on minimising fuel consumption. They reduced the overall weight of the gearbox, then focused on improving flexibility, efficiency, and economy.

What’s excellent about the ZF 8 speed?

The ZF 8 speed automatic transmission gets astonishingly good reviews from everyone in the car industry. Its flexibility means that it’s used in a huge number of car models, from expensive sports cars to luxury sedans. The gearbox works with virtually all rear-wheel drive vehicles, and can work with most all- or four-wheel drive systems. The torque converter can even be swapped out for an electric motor, creating hybrid options that still carry significant power.  And the gearbox also contains hydraulic functions which allow it to be compatible with start/stop engine configurations; this allows vehicles to significantly increase their fuel efficiency.

The construction of the gearbox also allows for multi-gear shifts. The transmission can shift, for example, from third gear to sixth seamlessly, giving a vehicle immediate power as soon as it’s needed. Eric Burnett, chief engineer at Fiat Chrystler for 8 speed, rear-wheel-drives told Car and Driver: “We keep the same power flow through all of those applications, so we can carry over the calibrations, the software, all of those tools that keep that transmission shifting smoothly.” This allows the transmission to be easily integrated into any vehicle, as well as used in new models.

Many experts are saying that the ZF gearbox is as good as – if not better than – dual-clutch models.

So which manufacturers use the ZF gearbox?

If you’ve bought a high-end vehicle in the past several years, the odds are good that it contains a ZF gearbox; the ZF 8 speed automatic has been particularly popular in many luxury sedans and sports cars. Manufacturers from Aston Martin to Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo to Dodge, and Ford to BMW all rely on ZF 8 speed automatic transmissions. You’d never think there was anything similar about the Ford F-150 and a Rolls Royce – but they can both contain a ZF gearbox.

Caring for your ZF gearbox

Like any transmission, the ZF 8 speed requires regular service in order to maintain proper function. Many times, proper diagnosis of a transmission problem requires that the transmission be at least partially disassembled. With a high-quality gearbox like the ZF 8 speed, the last thing you want is for an inexperienced technician to take the gearbox apart and then realise that they can’t put it back together and can’t fix the problem.

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