Here at Automatic Transmissions R Us we pride ourselves in building transmissions for high-performance applications such as off road, drag, circuit racing and street use.Every unit is custom made to your specifications and application. Automatic Transmissions R Us are working with racers across the country to develop the fastest and most reliable gear boxes to date.All transmissions are built with the highest quality parts to increase durability, longevity, and performance.Such items... >  More


People who love to control the performance of their car generally favour manual transmissions. However, once the components of your transmission begin to wear out, you lose all those performance benefits and progressive damage may soon make your car un-driveable.If you are having trouble keeping your car in gear, or if it makes noises or has poor performance in certain gears, you may need to have your transmission serviced or rebuilt.At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we consider rebuildin... >  More


Your manual gearbox contains oil that is designed to lubricate parts and transfer heat away from the working components. There are no filters or cooling systems in a manual gearbox so it is important to change the oil at the recommended intervals to remove contamination and replace the worn out oil.Severe damage or premature wear will occur if you do not use quality oils of the correct viscosity and type. Regular servicing by professionals can mean small problems are identified before they b... >  More


Here at Automatic Transmissions R Us we believe in getting the most out of your vehicle so whether you are four wheel driving in rough or boggy terrain or trying to get down the quarter mile as quickly as possible we have a traction solution for you.Each vehicle is different and one size does not fit all so at Automatic Transmissions R Us we help you to choose the right traction device.Such devices are:Limited slip differential (L.S.D.) Kaaz Tru-track Air Lockers E-lockers ... >  More

Ratio Changes

After you have modified your vehicle, whether it be an engine modification, auto to manual transfer, tyre size change, or other modification, your car’s ratio may alter and no longer suit your needs.The highly skilled and experienced team at Automatic Transmissions R Us can provide a number of solutions to deliver more get-up-and-go on take-off, or for pulling loads.For example, our technicians can fit another crownwheel and pinion to your vehicle, which will alter your speed/revs to y... >  More


Depending on the extent of the fault in your differential, it may be more cost-effective for you to exchange the entire unit rather than repair or rebuild your original. At Automatic Transmissions R Us, our experienced technicians will advise you if you need an exchange differential once we’ve determined how serious your problem is.The most obvious early signs of trouble with a differential (or transfer case in 4WDs) include knocking or clunking sounds, rumbles, or oil leaks. Our highly sk... >  More


When your vehicle makes a turn, the outer wheel has to turn faster than the inner wheel, due to the difference in the length of the paths they take. The differential is the mechanical component that spins the left and right wheels, but lets them rotate at different speeds so your vehicle can turn. It’s located between the two front wheels and attached to each wheel by the axle. (4WDs have a separate differential for each pair of wheels, connected through a transfer case).Differential fluid... >  More


Overheating is one of the biggest causes of premature transmission failure, so it makes sense to add extra cooling. Extend the life of your automatic transmission by installing a transmission oil cooler from Automatic Transmissions R Us.When automatic transmission fluid temperatures exceed the optimum operating range of 70°C to 90°C it begins to break down. This decreases the life of the fluid and in turn, the life of the friction plates, bands, valves, springs, seals, bearings, and other ... >  More


Most cars are sold with new components geared to normal motoring, where reliability and fuel efficiency are given a high priority. However, for some drivers, the most powerful engine means nothing, if the torque it generates cannot be delivered to the wheels. Installing a transmission that is specifically geared for the performance you want is a great way to improve the acceleration and speed of your vehicle.The highly skilled and experienced team at Automatic Transmissions R Us can recommen... >  More


When your automatic transmission requires extensive work, you have the option to have it overhauled and re-installed in your vehicle, or have it replaced with another transmission system.At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we usually have rebuilt or remanufactured automatic transmissions available at short notice, which means we can get you back on the road sooner.To get your automatic transmission rebuilt or repaired by the experts, contact Automatic Transmissions R Us at info@automatictra... >  More

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