Automatic Transmission Repair

Fixing an automatic transmission failure does not have to be expensive. At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we use the latest electronic diagnostic scanning equipment to draw and interpret information from your car’s on-board diagnostics system. This allows us to identify any faults or under performance, giving us the information needed to make necessary repairs.  Your automatic transmission system may only require a small adjustment, a standard service, or it may require extensive work to ... >  More

Automatic Transmission Service

Have you been hearing strange noises while driving? Gear changes are becoming more difficult? It might be time to take in your vehicle in to get an automatic transmission service! Automatic Transmissions R Us are Perth’s leading independent automatic transmission specialist. In our 15 years of operation, we have developed a positive reputation within Western Australia for our ability to consistently deliver a high-quality end product at a cost-effective price.  Your ve... >  More