Due to its high workload, a tremendous amount of heat is generated within an automatic transmissionCar transmissions rely heavily on automatic transmission fluid, or ATF, to keep the temperature down. If automatic transmission fluid exceeds the optimum operating range of 70°C to 90°C, its ability to cool is greatly diminished. As a consequence, the transmission will overheat and severe damage could potentially occur the vehicle. 

Transmission coolers have one job – to keep the automatic transmission fluid cool. All automatic transmission equipped vehicles come with a transmission cooler built into the radiator. However, if your vehicle tows heavy loads, you live in a warm climate, or often drive in stop-and-start traffic, you may require an auxiliary transmission cooler. 

These types of driving conditions increase the risk of transmission overheating and premature transmission failure. Installing an auxiliary transmission cooler is an extra precaution and will protect your vehicle from costly repairs down the line.

Like anything in a car, regular maintenance is also important for maintaining optimal performance. Auto Trans R Us can service your cooler to ensure that your transmission is in good condition and that all tubing, joints, and hoses are intact. 

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What Are the Benefits of Transmission Coolers?

  • Keeping Your Transmission From Overheating:
     The transmission cooler’s primary purpose is to keep the automatic transmission fluid inside your transmission cool. The optimal temperature for the fluid and your transmission is between 
    70°C to 90°C. If the temperature of your ATF fluid increases beyond this point, especially if this happens frequently, it can lead to costly vehicle repairs.
  • Prolong the Life of Your Transmission:
    Under normal driving conditions, your vehicle’s stock transmission cooler should be able to cool your ATF fluid. However, if you drive aggressively, regularly tow heavy loads, or live in a hot climate, this might not happen. If hot automatic transmission fluid returns to the transmission, it can cause severe vehicle damage. However, with an auxiliary transmission cooler, your car transmission will be kept in better condition for longer.
  • Save Money:
    A broken car transmission can be a costly repair. When you invest in a transmission cooler, you can prolong the life of your transmission and prevent unnecessary damage to its internal parts. This means fewer trips to the mechanic! 

What Causes a Transmission to Overheat?

Overheating is the main cause of transmission deficiency, accounting for around 90% of all failures. Transmission overheating happens when the automatic transmission fluid that is designed to cool your transmission reaches too high of a temperature. If you are driving aggressively, frequently tow heavy loads, or live in a region with extreme heat, your transmission has to work harder. This increased workload generates more heat than your vehicle’s stock transmission cooler is designed to handle. The additional heat causes the ATF fluid to breakdown, reducing its ability to cool the transmission, and therefore resulting overheating.

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