At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we not only concentrate on automatic transmissions, we also specialise in manual transmissions too! 

We are Perth’s leading independent manual transmission and gearbox specialist. In our 20 years of operation, we have developed a solid reputation for our unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled service at a competitive price.

Our team of highly trained technicians use only the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment so you will always receive a service of the highest possible standard. We can even provide a same-day clutch fitting!

Whether you need a basic service, a repair or a rebuild, we know you’ll be happy with our level of professionalism and our strong manual transmission knowledge. No matter the make or model, new or old, you can trust that Automatic Transmissions R Us will get you back on the road, fast! For all manual transmission enquiries, contact the Auto Trans R Us team today!



What is the Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions?

The key difference between these two transmission models is that a manual transmission has a clutch pedal and a gear stick. A manual transmission, or stick-shift, allows you to shift your vehicle into different gears using the gearbox. Conversely, an automatic transmission does all the grunt work for you, automatically changing gears fluidly as you push on the gas pedal.

So, why drive a manual? There are plenty of reasons why manual transmission systems remain popular today:

  • They tend to be less expensive than their automatic counterparts.
  • Manual cars are often more fuel-efficient.
  • Manual transmissions give drivers a greater level of control over their car.
  • Repairs and maintenance of manual cars generally cost less.

What Are Some Common Manual Transmission Issues?

  • Leaking or low transmission fluid.
  • Worn clutch plate.
  • Worn thrust bearing
  • Worn spigot bearing.
  • Air in the hydraulic system.
  • Incorrect lubricant level.
  • Blocked ventilation tubes/ports.
  • Worn gears.
  • Loose bolts.
  • Broken clutch cable.

What Are the Signs You Might Need Your Manual Transmission Serviced?

  • Odd sounds – clinking, scratching, snapping, whirring, squealing, or grinding noises often indicates a problem. Always have suspicious noises checked out straight away. 
  • A slipping clutch – this could indicate that the friction material on the clutch disc is worn out.
  • A sticking clutch – if you’re finding it hard to release your clutch, it could be a defective master cylinder, a broken clutch cable, or air in the hydraulic system.
  • A hard clutch – if you have to exert a higher than normal pressure to get your clutch to work, it could be a blockage in the hydraulics or a clutch cable problem.
  • Delay when going into gear – this often indicates you may need your clutched replaced.
  • Car can’t get into gear – if this happens, check if your transmission fluid is low. If your transmission fluid is at an acceptable level, get your car checked out by a manual transmission specialist like Auto Trans R Us.
  • A burning smell – this could mean that your transmission fluid is overheating. Take your vehicle to a manual transmission specialist.
  • Noisy in neutral – if this is happening, take your vehicle to a manual transmission to be inspected. This usually means your vehicle has some worn out parts that need to be replaced.

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