Front and Rear Differential Services

What is limited slip differential (LSD)?

This is a gear arrangement present in motor vehicles that applies rotational power to either your front wheels (for front-wheel drive cars), rear wheels (for rear-wheel drive cars), or both (for all-wheel drive cars). This is particularly important when your wheels are not travelling at the same speed, e.g. when turning a corner.

How do differentials work?

LSDs are torque sensitive so they work by transferring power to the wheel with the most traction. So when you are exploring the Outback in your 4WD, the LSD is able to respond to traction difference between your wheels and adjust the power accordingly.

At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we supply new and reconditioned Car Differentials, Drive Shafts, and Prop Shafts.

We can recondition or rebuild your differential, open or locked, with expert skill and care. If you have a Transfer Case it’s important to have it serviced regularly to avoid costly repairs.

For more information on how we can repair and rebuild car transmissions and how we can service differentials and power steering, contact us today.




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Ratio Changes

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Depending on the extent of the fault in your differential, it may be more cost-effective for you to exchange the entire unit rather than repair or rebuild your original. At Automatic Transmissions R Us, our experienced technicians will advise you if you need an exchange differential once we’ve determin...

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When your vehicle makes a turn, the outer wheel has to turn faster than the inner wheel, due to the difference in the length of the paths they take. The differential is the mechanical component that spins the left and right wheels, but lets them rotate at different speeds so your vehicle can turn. It’s...

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