Automatic Transmissions R Us are your trusted Perth differential specialist. Established in 2001, we have garnered a positive reputation for our ability to consistently deliver a high-quality end product at a cost-effective price. 

Car differentials are sophisticated systems that require expert maintenance and care. Ignoring differential servicing can lead to costly repairs down the road. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, our team of highly trained technicians can service, repair, rebuild, ratio changes, lockers and tractions to your vehicle’s differential system to get you back on track. 

You can rest assured that our experienced staff will make the process simple, thorough, and efficient, providing you with genuine feedback and knowledge about the condition of your car’s differential. No matter the make or model, at Automatic Transmissions R Us, you can trust that we will get you back on the road, fast. For all car differential enquiries, contact the Automatic Transmission R Us team today!



What is a Car Differential?

Without a differential, your vehicle would struggle to get anywhere. It essentially allows your car to turn corners by enabling each wheel to spin at different speeds. When your vehicle travels around a corner, the wheel on the inside must spin slower than the wheel on the outside as it has less ground to cover. Your car differential distributes the amount of torque evenly to both wheels which permits them to provide traction or resistance. The wheel which has the largest amount of resistance will rotate less and the wheel with the least amount of resistance will rotate faster.

What Are the Different Types of Differentials?

  • Open Differential – This is the most common design found in modern-day vehicles. In an open differential, the level of torque applied is dependent on the amount of tyre traction. If a tyre loses traction, less torque is applied to both wheels.
  • Locked Differential – The locked differential in design and function is almost identical to an open differential. The main difference between the two is that a locked differential can lock in place to create a fixed axle instead of an independent one.
  • Limited Slip Differential – Limited slip differentials utilises an integrated clutch system which automatically locks the left and right sides of the axle together when a wheel begins to lose traction and slip. 
  • Torque Vectoring Differential – Torque vectoring differentials are comprised of a complex system of sensors and electronics which obtain data from the steering system, road surface, and throttle position. This data is utilised by the torque vectoring differential to distribute the ideal amount of power to each wheel depending on the situation.

What Are the Signs You Might Need Your Differential Serviced?

  • A whine or howl when accelerating over large or small speeds.
  • A whirring noise when decelerating your car.
  • Steady vibration that increases with vehicle speed.
  • Whirring or rumbling at speeds over 30km/h.
  • Clunking sounds every few metres or when your car begins to move.

How Can You Care For a Car Differential?

As with any component in a vehicle, regular servicing equals optimal performance. Differential oil is often used by transmission specialists to lubricate differentials and manual transmissions so they function safely and smoothly. 

Over time, differential fluid can become dirty and contaminated. Continuing to drive with contaminated differential fluid is risky as it can put unnecessary wear on components. In the worst-case scenario, contaminated fluid can lead to permanent vehicle damage. 

Plan to have your differential oil changed every 50,000km by a trained technician. Clean, fresh oil will protect your differential and lead to a safer ride.

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