Have you noticed knocking or clunking sounds while you drive? Is your vehicle going through oil quicker than usual? It might be time to take your vehicle to Automatic Transmissions R Us for a differential rebuild!

Automatic Transmissions R Us is Perth’s leading independent differential specialist. In our 15 years of operation, we have developed a positive reputation within Perth for our ability to consistently resolve differential problems and deliver a high-quality end product at a cost-effective price. 

Due to a high volume of service bookings, our current lead time is approximately 4 weeks.

All service bookings will require the vehicle for a full day from 8 am, no exceptions.


Why Would I Need A Differential Rebuild?

Your vehicle's differentials are a highly sophisticated piece of engineering. It is responsible for transporting power from the engine to the axle, which turns your vehicle's wheels. Moreover, a car differential allows the wheels to spin at different speeds, so your car can perform tight turns around corners without causing excessive wear on tyres.

If your differential has become damaged, your car can develop further issues throughout the vehicle's steering system and become a hazard on the road.

What's Included in a Diff Rebuild at Auto Trans R US

When you bring in your car for a differential repair, we will first inspect your vehicle to ensure it is the differential causing your vehicle issues. We will then disassemble your differential and inspect surrounding components to see if they are also damaged.

Following the initial inspection, we will clean all components and repair the damaged differential. However, depending on the extent of the damage, a full replacement may be the more cost-effective solution for the long term. If this is the case, we will consult you on your options before proceeding.

Once the differential repair is complete and we have resembled all components of your vehicle, we will inform you if a follow-up service or future maintenance will be required.

Why Choose Automatic Transmissions R Us?

Auto Transmissions R Us is Perth's leading specialist in repairing and servicing car differentials.

Our team of specialists will work with you to find the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your vehicle whilst using the highest quality components. 

No matter the make or model, Auto Transmissions R Us are Perth’s leading differential specialist who you can count on to conduct a differential service, care for your traction control system, and perform differential ratio changes.

Contact The Differential Repair Experts

To talk to our Perth based customer service team about our differential rebuild service, contact us by sending an enquiry form, emailing, or calling us on (08) 6007 3206. We’ll have your car back on the road in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Differential Rebuild and a Differential Replacement?

There are a few main differences between a differential rebuild and a diff replacement. The most obvious is that a diff rebuild involves taking the old diff apart, repairing and replacing faulty components, and then putting it back together. However, a replacement swaps out the old diff for an entirely new one. 

What are The Signs Your Differential Needs to be Repaired?

There are a few key signs that can indicate that your vehicle is in need of diff reconditioning. If you experience any of the following, it's best to take your car to a mechanic for a differential service:

  • Whining sound coming from the differential
  • Difficulties shifting gears, especially between first and second gear
  • Your car is not moving as smoothly as it used to
  • Your vehicles going through fluid faster than usual
  • If you lose traction or lose control while steering, your traction control system could be faulty

It is best to take your car to a differential specialist when you notice the first signs of an issue. Then your car can be fixed and back on the road before further issues occur.

How to Rebuild a Front Differential?

The course of action for repairing front differential systems varies depending on your vehicle's specific make, model and the rebuild kit you have acquired. However, generally speaking, you'll need to remove the differential housing from the vehicle and then disassemble it. This will involve removing the axles, bearings, and other components. 

Once everything is disassembled, you can clean and inspect all parts. Any damaged or worn parts will need to be replaced. Then you can reassemble the differential housing with new or refurbished parts.

How Long Does it Take to Rebuild a Rear Differential?

We require at least a day for all of our service and repairs. Depending on the damage to your rear differentials, we may require your vehicle for longer to ensure we perform the diff repair to the highest of standards.

What is a Differential Rebuild Kit?

A differential rebuild kit is a package of parts and instructions used to rebuild the differential.

The differential rebuild kit typically includes new bearings, seals, crush sleeve, and gaskets, as well as a new ring gear and pinion bearings. It also includes detailed instructions on how to rebuild the differential.

Rebuilding the differential is a complex task that should only be attempted by experienced mechanics.

How Much Does it Cost to Rebuild a Rear Differential?

The cost of rebuilding a rear differential can hugly vary depending on the type of vehicle and the damage it has sustained. Furthermore, your rear wheels may also have become damaged due to a loss of traction control and need to be replaced.

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