Car Transmission Specialists Perth

Is your car transmission in need of a repair? Having problems with your differential? Power steering feeling stiff? Call Automatic Transmissions R Us, the automatic choice!

We are Perth’s leading independent specialists in automatic and manual car transmissions, differentials, and power steering. 

Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to  service, repair, and rebuild transmissions, differentials and power steering systems to the highest standard. 

We service all types of cars, including European and imported models, 4WDs, AWDs, and company cars.

 We guarantee to get you back on the road, fast! 

Whether your vehicle is old or new, Australian or imported, for business or personal use, you can trust Automatic Transmissions R Us to take care of your car transmission, power steering, and differential needs with minimal fuss, and at minimal cost! 

For more information on how we can repair and rebuild car transmissions and how we can service differentials and power steering, contact us today!

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