Manual transmission enthusiasts appreciate the control and performance their car delivers. However, as components wear out or become damaged, the benefits of a manual transmission diminish, potentially leaving your car undriveable.

If you are having trouble keeping your car in gear, noticing unusual noises or experiencing poor performance in certain gears, it might be time to consider a manual transmission service or rebuild.


What is a manual transmission rebuild?

A manual transmission rebuild involves disassembling the gearbox, inspecting and replacing worn or broken components such as gears, bearings, seals, and the input shaft. The transmission is then carefully reassembled, ensuring that all parts are correctly aligned and functioning optimally. This process not only restores performance but also extends the lifespan of your car’s manual transmission.

How do I know if my manual transmission needs a rebuild?

Common signs that your manual transmission may require a rebuild include difficulty shifting gears, grinding or whining noises, leaking transmission fluid, a slipping clutch, and poor car performance. If you notice any of these issues, it’s essential to have your car inspected by a professional service like Auto Trans R Us to determine the best course of action.

How much does a manual transmission rebuild cost?

The cost of a manual transmission rebuild varies depending on factors such as your car’s make and model, the extent of wear or damage, and the quality of parts used. At Auto Trans R Us, we use only high-quality parts and provide transparent pricing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Can I upgrade my manual transmission during the rebuild process?

Yes, you can upgrade components like the input shaft, gears, transfer cases, and even the clutch during a manual transmission rebuild. These upgrades can improve performance, durability, and overall driving experience. Auto Trans R Us offers a range of upgrade options to suit your specific needs.

How long does a manual transmission rebuild take?

The manual transmission rebuild process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the extent of repairs and availability of quality parts. At Auto Trans R Us, we strive to complete the rebuild process as efficiently as possible while maintaining our commitment to quality workmanship.

Is regular maintenance necessary for my manual transmission?

Regular maintenance, such as checking the clutch and gearbox oil, helps maintain your manual transmission’s performance and prevents costly repairs in the long run. Auto Trans R Us offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your car running smoothly.

How can I prolong the life of my manual transmission?

Proper maintenance, using quality parts, and avoiding aggressive driving can extend the life of your manual transmission. Additionally, staying attentive to early signs of wear or damage and seeking timely repairs can help prevent more severe issues from developing.

At Automatic Transmissions R Us, we consider rebuilding your transmission to be a final step and only recommend it after other possible caused have been eliminated.

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